Matt Lauer, Too Old To Have Sex, According To Miley Cyrus [Video]

Matt Lauer is apparently too old to have sex, according to twerking-over-sexed diva Miley Cyrus. At least that was what she so plainly put to the NBC's TODAY Show host on Monday.

Cyrus visited the studio on Rockefeller Plaza to discuss her new album and...yeah, all the other stuff that people have been talking about ever since the now infamous performance at the MTV VMAs in late August, where she pumped and ground against the older Robin Thicke to the tune of his "Blurred Lines".

The always controversial star told a shocked Lauer on Monday that "people over 40 don't have sex anymore" and when asked a question about her sexual side, she looked the host in the eye and answered, "you're really definitely not sexual." Ouch.

For many women over the age of 40, Matt Lauer is actually considered very good looking and sexy. He has been seen in paparazzi photos, shirtless and has a great body.

But the comment about Matt Lauer being too old to have sex because of his age, seems to have the staff at studio 1A a little rattled to say the least.

Cyrus' comments prompted a discussion in one of their segments on Tuesday trying to disprove the misconception presented by the former Disney star that older people don't have sex anymore.

The TODAY Show Twitter posted the following on their account:

The tweet is obviously intended to poke some fun at Matt Lauer, who is 55.

They also were trying to get some engagement from followers with other questions related to the hot button issue.

Expert Joan Price said on the show's blog, "Just because we're wrinkled doesn't mean we're not having great sex" in an effort to debunk Cyrus' statement.

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