August 24, 2017
iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors Features iOS 8, Large Screen, Holographic Keyboard

iPhone 6 release date rumors say Apple will feature a large iPhone screen and a holographic keyboard by 2014.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Apple iPhone 6 rumors claim an iPhone 6 holographic keyboard which is projected onto surfaces using four pico projectors.

Unlikely iPhone 6 Rumors

But such exotic iPhone 6 rumors may not happen at all or even be delayed until a future iPhone 7. There's even the rumor that iOS 7 will eventually merge with Mac OS X beginning in the 2014 to 2016 time frame.

Other iPhone 6 rumors point to the possibility of a docking station which allows the iPhone 6 to be used to like a desktop computer by connecting the iPhone 6 to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Big Screen iPhone 6

But it has been confirmed that Apple is also trying out a variety of large screen iPhone 6 models, ranging from 4.8 inches all the way up to six inches. The new iPhone 6 screen would feature flexible screen technology.

The majority of Apple's competitors have been releasing smartphones larger than four inches, including the just released Samsung Note 3. According to analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co. the iPhone 6 screen size will be 4.8 inches.

While sales of the iPhone 5S exceeded expectations despite being very similar to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C investors believe Apple will rise to meet this challenge. Because of this, investors are expecting the Apple stock prices to rise significantly next year because the iPhone 6 release date would spur a wave of upgrades by iPhone 5 users who might have decided to skip the iPhone 5S. Still, Apple will have to sell 125 million iPhone 6 models in order to meet projections required for a $600 stock price.

iOS 8 Rumors

Early test versions of iOS 8 are already out in the wild. Back in August a handful of iPhone devices were recorded on the Apple network as running iOS 8.

The large screen iPhone 6 is also likely to feature a higher resolution with a different screen size proportion. This means iOS 8 developers would need to support these higher resolutions and proportions. Otherwise, not much is known about future iOS 8 features other than a rumor about a car-finding features and indoor maps for Apple's Maps app.

iPhone 6 Release Date

Analysts are estimating that the iPhone 6 release date will be set for September, 2014. If you look at the history of iPhone release dates they've progressively been moving close to the end of each year. Earlier iPhones were announced in June or July but beginning with the iPhone 5 Apple began shifting their release dates to September. Waiting until early 2015 would miss the 2014 holiday seasons completely. So in this case the iPhone 6 release date rumors make sense.

What do you think about the Apple iPhone 6 rumors so far? Would you upgrade from an iPhone 5S?