[VIDEO] New Halo: Reach maps hitting next month

Remember that first-person shooter that isn’t Call of Duty: Black Ops? Perhaps you do! It’s called Halo: Reach, and soon it’ll have a bunch of new maps to play with.

Microsoft has revealed the ‘Defiant Map Pack’, a bundle of three brand spanking new maps, will be ready for download in March.

“Condemned,” “Highlands,” and “Unearthed” are their names, and they’ll cost you a pretty reasonable 800 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live Marketplace. Together, they’ll contain an extra 150 Gamerscore points, for those of you who like that Xbox Achievements business.

There’s a video below, and it’s great to see a mix of co-op and competitive shenanigans – it’s also lovely to see a whole new level dedicated to Reach‘s excellent Firefight mode.

[Via press release]