June 29, 2017
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George Move Into Kensington Palace. Finally.

Kate Middleton, her husband Prince William and their little bundle of joy Prince George finally have a place to call home as they have moved into Kensington Palace, their new permanent residence.

The family has been on the move ever since the last stages of Kate's pregnancy, when she was escaping the oppressive heat in London and fled to the comforts of her childhood home at her parents' estate in Bukclebury.

After returning to London to give birth to the couple's first child and heir to the throne, Kate and William went back to the Middletons' quiet retreat, a secluded home perfect for the relaxation that they needed and the privacy to enjoy getting to know their new son.

The family was later off to Anglesey, Wales where the Prince was wrapping some business as he concluded his tour of duty as a search and rescue pilot with the Royal Air Force and where Kate Middleton and William had lived for three years.

Now, as they prepare for George's christening in a few weeks, the family is trying to settle into their new place. This as they also begin a new stage in their lives as royals and a new role for William, who will be focusing his efforts on the many charities he is passionate about, as well as being a more visible figure representing the crown.

Kate Middleton, William and baby George move into Kensington Palace.

Kensington Palace has belonged to the royals for centuries and William and his brother Harry grew up there when their mother, the late Princess Diana moved after her divorce from their father Prince Charles and the place where her subjects left thousands upon thousands of flowers after her death.

Kate Middleton has reportedly put her own personal touches on the remodeling of the home, making it her and Williams own place.