August 24, 2017
Boy Sneaks On Plane, Goes To Las Vegas, But TSA Blames Government Shutdown

As a boy sneaks on a plane to take a trip to Las Vegas, some people might be wondering how something like this could happen in the age of TSA security. With no other convenient excuse, blame the 2013 government shutdown.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a cat sneaked onto a plane's suitcase and took a trip to Disney World.

The case of the 9-year-old boy sneaking onto a plane for a Las Vegas trip isn't so unusual when you consider the circumstances. Children between the ages of five and 14 are allowed to travel alone as part of an unaccompanied minor program. Airline officials are supposed to watch the children and they'll even give special tours of the plane's cockpit.

Even the lack of a ticket may not stop some children. Last year a British child managed to make it all the way to Rome before authorities noticed. In this case, the boy sneaked onto the plane without a ticket, as well.

The TSA claims the "child was screened along with all other passengers to ensure that he was not a threat to the aircraft." But before boarding the plane the boy was spotted eating at a restaurant outside the secure area. He even took off with someone's luggage from the carousel and used it as a ruse to fool the restaurant waiter by asking the server to watch the luggage while he went to the restroom.

The boy never returned.

The boy then worked his way past the TSA gate agents and flight attendants to board the plane. But eventually the flight crew became suspicious because he didn't have a seat assignment and he was turned over to child protective services in Nevada. As it turns out the boy was a runaway.

So as a boy sneaks on a plane, what is the TSA excuse? They blame the government shutdown and not poor security for not stopping the runaway.