Buckingham Palace Hosts First Soccer Game Ever [Photos]

Buckingham Palace has hosted its first ever soccer game on the grounds of the royal mansion.

Prince William posed with team members as the Palace welcomed soccer players to the historical match used to mark the 150th anniversary of the Football Association (FA).

The match was actually the idea of the Duke of Cambridge who acts as the FA President.

In a speech prior to the game, William welcomed those attending the celebrations, joking,

"I cannot tell you how excited I am that later today we will be playing football on my grandmother's lawn. One warning, though: if anyone breaks a window, you can answer to her. "

The Duke admits he is an avid fan, as he stated in his remarks:

"While it is a privilege to be President of The Football Association, if I am honest, for me, the role is more an extension of a personal passion."

Buckingham Palace first soccer game ever volunteers were presented with medals from the Duke of Cambridge before the game kicked off.

The match was played between London side Civil Service FC, the only remaining team out of the 11 teams that formed the FA on 26 October 1863 and Polytechnic FC, founded in 1875.

The Clarence House Twitter account posted several photos of the event. Watch below.

It was a great day for the British national sport as Buckingham Palace hosted its first soccer game ever. A great idea by Prince William.

[Image via Instagram]