‘Gravity’ Director Alfonso Cuaron Can’t Watch His Own Movies

Although his films are often praised by moviegoers from around the world, Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron recently said he can’t watch his own work on the big screen.

Once he’s finished with a project, the filmmaker never goes back to have a second look. According to Cuaron, screening his own work is not unlike watching his parents have sex. In other words, the whole experience makes the poor guy more than a little uncomfortable.

“You’re switching [channels] and you see something that is familiar. And then, immediately, you have the same reaction as if you suddenly jumped into a video of your parents having sex. And it’s like ‘Ahhh!’ and you just change the channel,” the Gravity director recently told The Huffington Post.

The filmmaker continued:

“f you talk with Guillermo del Toro or any of my friends, their films are like their babies — like their children. And they really take care of them and do new additions and new commentaries. For me, my films are not like my children. They are like my ex-wife. They gave me so much; I gave them so much; I loved them so much; we part ways and, it’s OK, we part ways.”

Although Alfonso Cuaron probably won’t catch Gravity in theaters, that didn’t stop a ton of people from checking out the outer space flick over the weekend. The Inquisitr previously reported that the acclaimed drama broke box office records.

According to the numbers posted at Box Office Mojo, the film generated a whopping $55.5 million during its first three days of release in North America. The movie’s worldwide total is presently perched at an extremely healthy $82.9 million.

If you’re curious to learn more about the movie before coughing up the price of admission, check out The Inquisitr writer Niki Cruz’s review of the flick.

Are you a fan of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron? What do you think about the filmmaker not being able to watch his own movies?

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]