October 6, 2013
Government Shutdown Is Ruining The NFL For Veterans Stationed Overseas

You can take away paychecks from soldiers, you can stick them in the middle of a desert surrounded by landmines and crazed terrorists with bombs strapped to their chests, but don't you dare take away the NFL.

NFL announced and former player Howie Long revealed during Sunday's NFL broadcast on Fox, that soldiers are missing NFL games because the shutdown has the Armed Forces network running at less than full capacity.

Speaking to viewers and members of Congress, Long pleaded:

"These games bring a welcome piece of home and a much deserved respite from the dangerous work [the troops] do protecting our liberty."

Speaking on behalf of his network Long says "regardless of politics" the entire NFL on FOX team would like to see the government shutdown in the very near future.

Military workers are still being paid for their services, in fact the Pentagon has recalled almost all of its civilian workforce to ensure issues of National Security are dealt with immediately.

Troops overseas are essentially left with a blacked out station and it's the only American television they would normally receive. On the network a notice reads that the station has shutdown temporary because of "mandatory staff reductions at the AFN broadcast center, mandated by the government shutdown." The only thing still broadcasting is Armed Forces news.

This seems like a morale killer in an area of our government where morale is the most important parts of the job.

Do you think our troops, despite the government shutdown, should continue to receive all of the meager benefits they had before the GOP decided to stalemate government spending and shut down "non-essential" services?