Freaks And Geeks: This 8-Bit Interactive Game Is Nostalgic Gold

The TV series Freaks And Geeks introduced the world to Judd Apatow and his unique style of comedy. Fans of the show to this very day can't believe it ever went off the air.

While many of the shows stars have gone on to become huge stars, there is still a lot of demand for anything Freaks and Geeks related.

To make up for the nostalgia we all yearn for YouTube creators The Fine Bros have created an 8-bit interactive YouTube video game that features the original cast in 8-bit pixel goodness.

The storyline follows Linday Weir at both her home and school.

Remember how to follow the area of a rhombus? Remember other important aspects of the show? The better you can remember Freaks and Geeks, the better you'll do in this game.

Plays don't have a ton of choices but they can play as Lindsay and the "freaks." The creators say Sam and the "geeks" should be arriving in the near future.

Would you like to spend hours of your life reliving the golden days of Freaks And Geeks in all of its 8-bit glory?

If you really geek out and need a bit of comfort just think of all the careers this show creates and go catch a comedy from one of the shows stars.

Last year the Freaks and Geeks cast reunited for a Vanity Fair photo session but that's about as close as we have gotten to reliving the days of the cult classic that was cut short way to quickly.

The YouTube video has racked up more than 357,000 views since going live on October 3, 2013.