World’s First “3D Only” TV Network To Launch Next Week

3D TV sporting events and movies are still slow to arrive at market, but that hasn’t stopped 3Net from announcing and preparing to release the world’s first 24 hour 3D TV network.

Set to launch on DirecTV channel 107 on February 13th the network is a joint venture of Sony, Discovery Communications and IMAX and will feature two one-hour long original programs in 3D, China Revealed and Forgotten Planet, while a longer movie called Into The Deep 3D will debut a short time afterward.

Programming will start at 8PM on the 13th although a full lineup of shows and station subscription cost have not yet been revealed.

3D TV sales are not gaining the same type of steam Plasma, LCD and LED TVs have managed, then again there hasn’t been much programming for those TVs, it should be interesting to see how early adopters react to the new channel and how those choices affect TV sales.