October 5, 2013
Giant Squid: Spain Finds 400 Pound, 30-Foot-Long Monster Washed Up On Beach [Video]

A giant squid in Spain washed up on the shores of Cantabria Beach.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Spain's giant squid belongs to the Architeuthis dux species but technically all giant squid are members of the same species.

Giant squid have been the stuff of legend for many years. The eyes of the giant squid are about the same size as a human head. Stories about mythical creatures like the Norse Kraken and the Greek Scylla were probably spawned by sightings of real giant squid.

Earlier this year, a giant squid was captured live on TV off the shores of Japan but unfortunately this giant squid in Spain was found on the beach dead already.

Enrique Talledo, an underwater photographer, happened to be on the beach when the giant squid washed ashore in Spain:

"I felt privileged to be among a few, these animals rarely can be seen, because they live at great depths and very few appear on the coast dead. Its appearance is similar to a sea monster, well-adapted to life in the depths."
This giant squid measured 30 feet, or 9 meters, in length and weighed at least 400 pounds, or 180 kilograms. Out of its eight arms, two of the longest tentacles are used for eating.

As for giant squid, Spain got a rare sight that's unlikely to be repeated for many years. Not many of these monsters of the deep are ever found, never mind washing up on shore. Scientists are planning on preserve Spain's giant squid at the Maritime Museum of Cantabria. They already have two specimens of smaller size there so it hasn't been decided whether this new giant squid will be split into pieces for research purposes or if they'll keep it whole on display.

[Giant Squid Spain Image via EniqueTalledo.com]