Black Sabbath Drummer Still Working On New Solo Album

Former Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is still hard at work on his new solo album. However, it’s unclear when the musician hopes to have the new tracks ready for his fans.

Although Ward didn’t help out with Black Sabbath’s album 13 or the reunion tour, this doesn’t mean that the guy is sitting on the sidelines. In addition to working on several pieces of artwork, the drummer is putting together a new album entitled Accountable Beasts.

According to Artist Direct, Bill Ward has been hard at work on the tunes for over five years. Unfortunately, it’s unknown when the album will finally be available to fans around the world.

“I play seven or eight of the drum tracks on it, and have put a lot of really hard work into it and I wrote most of the material,” the former Black Sabbath drummer explained.

Ward told Guitar World in August that he was still hard at work putting the collection of songs together. Although he’s anxious to get Accountable Beasts into the hands of his supporters, the drummer isn’t sure when the album will be ready to rock.

“I’m waiting to go into the studios to finish mixing Accountable Beasts, which is [my] new [solo] album. While I’m waiting, I’m writing something else for further down the line. I’m very loose about everything, and that’s not such a bad thing,” he told the publication.

Although he’s no longer helping out with Black Sabbath, Bill Ward explained that he wants to continue drumming regardless of the band. However, he isn’t opposed to working things out with his former bandmates at some point down the road.

He explained:

“I’d like to be playing more drums in a band. If it could be Black Sabbath, wonderful. But if it isn’t Black Sabbath, I do have something else in mind where I can still get to play drums. As much as I love writing and everything, I miss being out on the road. I miss playing live and I miss traveling. As much as I like everything else I’m doing, it would be very nice to be there in a year’s time, being busy on a stage somewhere.”

The new Black Sabbath DVD and album Live… Gathered in Their Masses should arrive at retail on November 22. Check out the teaser for the releases below.