BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB Shown Off For $499 In Office Depot Document

Details from Office Depot have revealed that the tablet will be released by the retail chain during “Week 17” of sales, otherwise known as April.

Internal company documents show that the 7-inch tablet will sell for $499.99.

For that price users will receive 16GB storage, WiFi and 3G speeds when tethered with a Blackberry Smartphone.

At this time the PlayBook has only been shown off in limited videos, however the release date would place the unit in direct competition (in terms of release date) with the iPad 2, which means the specs and both corporate and consumer use better be very impressive.

It will most interesting to see what type of executive functions the tablet will carry as Apple has been taking away RIM customers at an alarming rate of late as more business users gravitate towards iPhone and iPad devices.

[via Crackberry]