2010 New Orleans Saints season in review

Joshua Lobdell

The New Orleans Saints finished the 2010 NFL season with an 11-5 record, and it seems kind of hard to call this team disappointing but they feel like a disappointment. More to the point it seems that the Super Bowl hangover got this team. Even though they won their first two games they finished 1-3 and that sunk them in their division and forced them to travel to Seattle in the first round of the playoffs. They lost that game and are now in a regroup mode to get back after it. Granted they had a lot of injuries, but so did everyone else.

The offense was pretty good, but maybe not as good as it could have been. They did score 384 points or 24 points per game on average. Drew Brees is the starting QB and he completed 68.1% of his passes for 4,620 yards with 33 TD's and 22 INT's. That is a lot of interceptions and as we all know turnovers are big killers. The running game behind Brees averaged 94.9 yards per game, and the O line allowed 26 sacks.

The defense was actually better than advertised, and in stat ranking was a tad better than the offense. They allowed 307 points or 19.2 per game on average. Their take away differential was -6, but with so many offensive turnovers we can explain a lot of that away. They did force 25 fumbles but picked off just 9 passes. The defense also racked up 33 sacks.

Looking at those numbers it seems that the Saints could use some help in the defensive secondary, and maybe in the running game. This is still a very good football team, and frankly it has been a few years since a team went to consecutive Super Bowls.

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