Clearwire Ending Their Own Brand To Focus On Delivery

Rumors began circulating today that Clearwire will drop its own brand and instead focus solely on providing wholesale network solutions for the company’s WiMax network.

The move would not only mean a better emphasis on the company’s technology, it would also mean that Sprint, a minority share holder in the company, will no longer have to compete with the Clearwire brand.

Currently customers can choose to buy USB modems and Wi-Fi hotspot access from either Sprint or Clearwire. It should be noted that Sprint has opposed this type of arrangement.

According to the Wall Street Journal Clearwire was not able to mean their own targets for network expansion, causing funding problems when the company only reached 100 million customers in 2010, only 50% of their original estimates.

At this time Clearwire has not released a public statement regarding a new focus on wholesale networking sales.