Yet another stupid smartphone and computer comparision

How many times have we read a headline to a post on a news site and literally want to shake the person that wrote it because it was just so inanely ridiculous?

It seems that these stupid types of headlines happen in the tech world and the one that I read today over at Seattle PI is a perfect example of these bang your head against the keyboard posts.

The headline was this: Smart phones outsell PCs for the first time.

The allusion here is that somehow smart phones are on parity with computers except they aren’t. Not everyone will own a computer, at least ways what we qualify as one, but just about everyone will at some point own a mobile. Even more to the point a growing number of people will either be buying a smart phone for the first time or they will be moving up to one.

So trying to allude to the fact that smart phones are becoming more popular than computer is a mutts games. Computers come in all shapes and sizes, from huge super computers to desktop sized ones and then there are the laptops and netbooks. However as technology changes so does the desktop and our need for them so not everyone will own a computer.

In contrast you have kids growing up with smart phones attached to their ears or fingers. Smartphones are replacing wired phones at an ever increasing rate. It was inevitable that the number of smart phones out in the world would increase but to put the two on the same playing field is stupid.