Fixodent at center of class action lawsuit over nerve damage claims

Fixodent, possibly the most recognized denture cream on the market, is the subject of a class action lawsuit after users say the product may have caused them nerve damage due to high zinc content.

Two long-term users of Fixodent in their 40s are part of the lawsuit, and claim to have varying levels of nerve damage due to long-term exposure to zinc levels in the denture cream. Dr. Sharon Nations, author of a study in the journal Neurology, commented on studies of Fixodent users and possible zinc contamination:

“They had high zinc levels that we could measure in the blood. And all of them reported that they were using very large amounts of denture cream.”

Proctor & Gamble amended Fixodent packaging in recent years to reflect risks from long-term exposure to zinc, but denies the denture cream could have caused the patients’ injuries:

“Our Fixodent formula has undergone extensive scientific testing, and we continuously monitor for its safe use,.We know of no valid scientific evidence that using Fixodent as directed causes any ill health effects.”

Last year, GlaxoSmithKline removed zinc from its formulation of Super Poligrip, another popular denture cream.