NY Post IDs 17-year-old girl who dated Mark Sanchez

It’s a bit of a non-scandal, since nothing illegal happened, but the teen girl who initially supplied details of her lukewarm “affair” with Jets QB Mark Sanchez to Deadspin before trying to retract the tale has been identified in the New York Post as Connecticut high school student Eliza Kruger.

Kruger met the 24-year-old Sanchez at Manhattan nightclub Lavo- a place she was apparently allowed to be at the age of seventeen without parental ass-whippings. She described to Deadspin that she’d traveled two states over to “hook up” with Sanchez at his Jersey home after dinner one night:

“Yeah,” she said, somewhat reluctantly. “We went back to his place in Jersey after dinner. He lives on a golf course. There was a big storm…. He’s a really nice guy, you know?” E.K. went on. Was she smitten?

“I can say that he’s one of the kindest people, and he’s a genuine person,” she said. “I know he’s a guy, whatever, like, it’s not that. Not that it matters to me at all.”

She paused.

“It scares me a little bit,” she allowed.

Kruger went on to tell Deadspin that the age of consent in Jersey is 16. Sanchez did not comment on the allegations, and a spokesman for the Jets said they would not comment on Sanchez’s “personal life.” In an email to Deadspin after she tried to retract the comments, Kruger indicated she would blame the tale on a “deceitful friend” if the story ran.

While it’s not illegal, do you think professional athletes dating high-school girls is distasteful?