Update: We are no longer mad at eggs over cholesterol

How have scientists not figured out that eggs hover between amazing superfood and OMG artery clogging nightmare a few times a year, considering standup comics have been making this observation for well over a decade?

Well, either way, eggs are totally on our good side again. Strangely, all the articles published or posted in the past few days over this debate seem to ignore the fact that eggs have had moments in the sun, and present findings by the USDA that eggs have 14% less cholesterol than previously believed and contain a whopping 64% more Vitamin D than once thought to be groundbreaking news.

Director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center Dr. David Katz says the USDA’s revised opinion was not news to him:

“My research focuses on ways to optimize diet quality, and I have long suspected that eliminating eggs from the diet generally has the opposite effect. In our own studies of egg intake, we have seen no harmful effects, even in people with high blood cholesterol.”

Guidelines on egg consumption levels haven’t changed- the USDA still recommends one egg a day- but USDA nutritionist Jacob Exeler, PhD, did not say if you can bank eggs over a few days so you can sometimes eat three egg omelets.