China's Government Tells Tourists: Don't Urinate In Public Or Pick Your Nose While Overseas

James Johnson

Have you noticed the shocking number of Chinese tourists who DON'T pick their noses or urinate right in front of you on the street? That may perhaps be the result of a new Chinese government initiative.

China's National Tourism Administration has published a 64-page guidebook on their website, entitled Guidebook for Civilized Tourism.

The guide doesn't just focus on nose picking and public urination, it also asks that Chinese tourists not steal airplane life jackets.

Other tips include complying with non-smoking areas and keeping rubbish in trash bins. Chinese tourists are also asked to avoid shouting in public.

One tip that might stand out asks that Chinese tourists not seek out strangers to take their photos.

And of course tourists are asked to keep their nose-hair neatly trimmed at all times to avoid looking unkept.

When traveling to Germany tourists are told to only snap their fingers while summoning a dog and not a person. The guide also says that women in Spain should always wear earrings in public. The guide says failing to wearing earrings in Spain is like going naked.

When in Japanese restaurants Chinese tourists are told to avoid fidgeting with clothes or their hair.

The Guidebook for Civilized Tourism was released during China's biggest public holiday for tourism which started on October 1.

The guide also talks about proper etiquette while living in China.

Chinese tourists spent approximately $102 billion abroad in 2012 and that number is expected to keep increasing.

The new guide was released after several embarrassing Chinese tourist actions gained national attention. In one case a Chinese lady allowed her son to urinate into a water bottle while traveling outside of the country.

While telling Chinese tourists to stop picking their nose in public might not seem like a good expenditure, asking them to avoid peeing in bottles on the street may be well worth its weight in gold.

Some of you might read this story and laugh, just remember that many of the things you do overseas are probably considered rude or obnoxious and you are not even aware of your actions.