Is Ryan Mallet a first round draft pick?

Joshua Lobdell

Even though I happen to write a NFL draft column, and even though I would love to think of myself as a NFL draft expert. Sometimes a lot of crazy things happen in the buildup to and during the NFL draft. I am not going to set here and say I know what is going to happen, but I will raise the question. A lot of folks are down of Ryan Mallet right now. They say he has a lot of baggage, and that he is not a guy NFL teams will want on their rosters. To date I have seen no tangible proof that Mallet has more baggage then say Cam Newton, and based on his skill set I have to think he will be drafted in teh first half of round one in April's draft.

Sure sometimes a guys off the field antics hurts him on draft day, but all I hear about Mallet is allegations that he has baggage. Some question his intelligence but the folks at the four letter network seem hell bent on burying this kid. They did the same thing last year with Jimmy Claussen and it really makes me wonder if they are just trying to make up a story or something.

Since eight or so teams need a QB, and QB is and always will be a premium position I see no way Mallet drops out of the first round. He is a big frame kid, has a big arm, and unlike most college QB's these days he is a pocket passer. Given all that how could a team let him slip past them when QB is their primary concern?

We shall see how all of this plays out in the next 11 weeks.