Man Arrested For Peeing Outside A Burrito Joint (Bonus: Has '666' Tattooed On Forehead)

There are some stories that have so many bizarre ingredients, they can hardly be believed. This is one such story.

The Dayton Daily News reports that an employee at a burrito joint dubbed Hot Head Burritos called the police around dinner time Tuesday to report a man relieving himself on the restaurant's patio.

He reportedly opened his pants and peed through the fence in full view of customers in the restaurant. Witnesses say he made a "peace sign" to everyone watching and then took off.

By the time cops got to the burrito place, the man was long gone. Fortunately, he came back and plopped down on an outside bench just as officers were leaving. He was carrying an open container of alcohol.

He was identified as 38-year-old Gregory Clark who, according to police records, had previously been violent and aggressive with police. He was pretty mellow this time, though. He admitted to peeing on the patio because he "didn't want to paralyze himself" by holding it in.

He also said that he came by the patio to "get high, get a buzz, and play with myself."

ABC 22 reports that he also mentioned something about someone stalking and threatening to kill him and customers of the burrito joint. This presumably had nothing to do with his decision to urinate, and police found no such person.

Clark was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on a charge of public indecency. He'll also be cited for public intoxication and having an open container in public. Here's his mugshot, and yes, that is a "666" on his forehead.

Gregory Clark arrested[Image]