Sledgehammer wielding thugs learn – don’t mess with granny! [VIDEO]

This is priceless. A Belfast granny takes on a bunch of thugs wielding sledgehammers and trying to break into a jewelry store. From the Belfast Telegraph we get this part of the story:

Four men are being held by police after a gang of crash-helmeted robbers wielding sledgehammers was put to flight by a pensioner who attacked them with a handbag.Video footage of the attempted robbery at a jeweller’s in Northampton town centre showed the unlikely have-a-go-hero crossing a road and jogging briskly towards the six-strong mob as they smashed the shop’s windows.

The raiders, who had arrived at the scene on three scooters, drove away just moments after the red-coated pensioner, thought to be aged in her 70s, began lashing out at them with a large black handbag.

It turns out that video of the thrashing has turned up on YouTube. You go Granny….