Drive-Thru Skeleton Prank Goes Viral [Video]

A drive-thru skeleton prank has gone viral on the internet, just in time for the Halloween season.

Drive-thru workers were tricked into thinking a skeleton was actually driving a car, and they got a treat when the vehicle pulled up to the pick-up window.

This prank was the brainchild of magician Rahat (sitting behind the skeleton in the back seat), who apparently has made other driver-less car videos in the past.

The good news is that it's all in fun, and the drive-thru workers have some hilarious and good-natured reactions to the prank.

Fortunately, in contrast to some of the other drive-thru videos that we've seen, the skeleton stays calm and does not have a violent or semi-violent meltdown over an order mistake at the pick-up window.

As Yahoo explains, "Drive-through workers unlucky enough to encounter the bony driver are uniformly freaked out, especially after Rahat makes the skeleton jerk toward the window... Rahat is a polite prankster. At one point, he (or, rather, the skeleton) has a full conversation with a group of workers about chicken nuggets."

The Daily Mail provides this apt description of how the workers respond to the drive-thru skeleton prank: "Some people are so terrified they hyperventilate and can't get any words out, crying and wailing. Others are unphased by the prank and chat with the skeleton, getting their phones out to film it. 'Somebody's childish,' one woman says. Another admits: 'I'm scared.' "

The Stir website calls it the perfect drive-thru prank and the perfect Halloween prank because, among other things, "it's well executed" and "nobody gets hurt," adding that it's "just the right amount of spooky, but mostly hilarious."