Daniel Day-Lewis In Star Wars? Rumors Circulate After Lunch Date With George Lucas

Could Daniel Day-Lewis really be picking up a lightsaber? The Oscar-winning actor may soon be joining the cast of Star Wars: Episode 7.

It would be pretty amazing to see Daniel Day-Lewis as a Jedi. The actor is known for diving deep into the psyche of his characters so it would be pretty amazing to see what he would come up with.

Could you imagine an actor winning an Oscar for a Star Wars movie. Could you imagine a stubborn Daniel Day-Lewis refusing to come out of character and talking like Yoda during the entirety of the movie shoot?

It would be awesome. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to happen.

For one, Daniel Day-Lewis said that he was taking a “long break” from acting after Lincoln. Secondly, he’s Daniel Day-Frickin-Lewis.

But hey, maybe he’s sick of winning awards and just wants to do something fun for once.

He did sit down for lunch with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy recently and maybe the three of them talked about a potential role in the new movie. It’s a long shot but it is somewhere in the realm of possibility.

Daniel Day-Lewis has a great relationship with Steven Spielberg, Lucas’ BFF, and he could be looking for a little change of pace after Lincoln, There Will Be Blood, My Left Foot, Gangs of New York, etc…

J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars: Episode 7 and filming should start in the next few months. The new movie will reportedly be set “30 years after” Return Of The Jedi and will focus on a younger generation of Skywalkers.

Do you want to see Daniel Day-Lewis in Star Wars?