Security Questions Glitch Mars Obamacare Exchange, What's The Fix?

A security questions glitch is preventing many from using the Obamacare exchange rates system after the launch of the Affordable Care Act yesterday. So is there a quick fix?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, asks you wait in line because of the high traffic volume.

Just yesterday more than 2.8 million people attempted to access to check out the Obamacare exchange rates and premiums. While some people are looking for the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act, others are stuck trying to simply create an account for

This writer happens to be one of the "very frustrated" Americans who tried using the Obamacare exchange rates system only to be blocked the now infamous security questions glitch. The drop down menus for choosing the security questions will remain blank and refreshing the page isn't an option since that will simply push you to the back of the line.

Is there a quick fix for the security questions glitch? It's possible it might be a browser specific bug. I originally suffered the bug with Google Chrome but switching to Internet Explorer 10 resolved the glitch for me. I have not tried the latest version of Firefox with so I cannot confirm any other issues.

Even if you get past the security questions bug you still might be hit with this message: "Important: Your account couldnt be created at this time. The system is unavailable." This requires restarting the account creation process but so far IE 10 hasn't hit the security questions glitch again.

If there is a quick fix unfortunately I haven't been able to find one. Government officials said yesterday night the security questions glitch had been fixed when it's obviously not. Despite my experience, that seems to indicate the bug is not caused by browsers. Considering the amount of traffic involved it's more likely the government server database is getting overwhelmed and the website is failing to retrieve that information on a random basis.