Jackie Chan's 'Chinese Zodiac' Gets A New US Trailer [Video]

The Jackie Chan action flick Chinese Zodiac is on its way to theaters across the US later this month. To get everyone pumped about the release, a new trailer recently hit the internet.

Although the actor famously decided to retire from life-threatening stunts, Chan gave fans one last hurrah before taking himself out of harm's way. The movie is certainly a little goofier than his earlier efforts, but Chinese Zodiac is still worth the price of admission.

Jackie Chan stars as a guy who collects famous and not-so-famous artifacts from around the planet. When he's tasked with returning several stolen statues to their rightful owner, our hero finds himself trotting around the globe before diving into an active volcano. In short: It's pure Jackie Chan madness from start to finish.

Also known as CZ12, the action flick is the next installment of his successful Armor of God series. The films were later released out-of-sequence in the United States as Operation: Condor. However, moviegoers aren't required to see these films before checking out Chinese Zodiac this month.

When he isn't battling a plethora of bizarre online death hoaxes, Jackie Chan still finds the time to do some work in front of the camera. Although he's no longer doing death-defying stunts, the actor is still lending his considerable talents to a number of upcoming action movies.

Not only is Chan preparing to unleash Police Story 2013 on the world, he's also attached to star in ParaNorman director Sam Fell's live-action flick Skiptrace. The movie should arrive in theaters at some point next year.

There's also a rumor going around that Jackie Chan will star in the next entry in the Rush Hour series. However, it's unclear if there's anything truth to these reports as of this writing.

Check out the latest trailer for Chinese Zodiac below.

Are you a fan of action superstar Jackie Chan? Do you plan to catch Chinese Zodiac when it hits theaters across North America on October 18?