Danica Patrick’s Pink Car For Breast Awareness Month Might Upset Some NASCAR Fans

Danica Patrick’s pink car might upset some NASCAR fans who may look at the race and say, “What is barbie doing on the track?”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, for Danica Patrick NASCAR rules on teammates might lead to “unfair” situations.

Danica Patrick’s pink car is a Cheverolet SS Gen 6 car so it’s no barbie-mobile. Patrick has also been doing photo shoots with the pictured pink Camaro SS pace car. GoDaddy.com is providing the pink NASCAR race car the number 10 car all month long long. The goal is to donate $50,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Fellow drive James Hinchliffe will join Danica Patrick for two races this coming weekend. In the NHRA, Courtney and Brittany Force will be going pink as well, wearing a pink fire suit with a pink helmet while driving their pink cars. October will be so pink it might make you blink.

Sporting matching pink sneakers, Danica Patrick revealed her pink car to NASCAR fans on Tuesday:

“GoDaddy has been such a strong partner in the fight against breast cancer… the fact GoDaddy wanted to ‘go pink’ for the whole month of October really says a lot about our commitment to this cause.”

Some sports fans think that “NFL players wearing pink gear is ridiculous.” So how will they view Danica Patrick’s pink car gracing NASCAR tracks all October for Breast Awareness Month?

Some reactions criticize Danica Patrick’s NASCAR performance while also decrying the pink car. One NASCAR fan says, “I do have to admit that it’s great to see her bringing awareness to breast cancer. She can’t race a car worth a (blank) but she is good at publicity!” Other reactions are a bit more crass: “When Danica Patrick unveils her breast I’ll start rooting for her!” Still, some NASCAR fans are happy Danica Patrick is supporting a good cause.

What do you think about Danica Patrick’s pink NASCAR pace car?