NeNe Leakes Calls Fame ‘A Blessing And A Curse’

Have you caught NeNe Leakes in her reality spin-off, I Dream Of NeNe? While Leakes was a big reality star on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, setting up her own shop is a massive step for the newly remarried reality queen.

NeNe Leakes practically guaranteed her own contract when the former RHOA star re-tied the knot with ex-hubby Gregg Leakes. I Dream Of NeNe hit the airwaves in mid-September, a few months after her summer wedding to the man with whom she once took vows before.

Leakes says that I Dream Of NeNe is actually something she’s resisted for some time. ET asked the star if she’d been approached by Bravo previously about her very own show, and NeNe explains that she was never interested in the past — it was the wedding special that hooked her.

She explains:

“… Bravo approached me several times about doing a spin-off, I was the first Atlanta Housewife they offered a spin-off too, but I never said yes because I felt like it was a lot of work. Then Gregg and I got engaged last year and they approached us last year about a wedding special. I said I would do a two-hour special. So they tossed that back and forth and wanted more. Initially they said it would only be three or six, but it kept growing and now we have eight.”

Leakes continues, telling the network that her previous split with Gregg Leakes inspired her participation in the spin-off — but that being in the public eye isn’t any easier this time around:

“Gregg and I had broken up on Housewives and the viewers saw that, so we wanted to show those viewers us getting back together. But it was a hard decision. I had just come off doing The New Normal and Glee, so I was exhausted by the idea of going right into shooting this show. Plus, you get judged so much being on a reality show. Especially since we’re talking about our marriage and our kids. We decided that we’d take the leap of faith and I’m glad we did.”

Leakes also addressed the double-edged sword of her fame. NeNe says the big headlining break is both good and bad, and she explains:

“To be honest, it’s a blessing and curse. It’s a blessing because reality TV has opened up so many doors and opportunities for me, but it’s a curse because I neglect my husband and my children while I’m working so hard. Plus it breaks up friendships and marriages. You also have so many people trying to come into your life because people think they know reality stars.”

Have you been watching NeNe Leakes as she rekindles her marriage with Gregg on I Dream Of NeNe? Is the Real Housewives star more entertaining on her own?