Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Legend Of Conan' Picks Up Steam At Universal

Arnold Schwarzenegger could return to the world of Conan in the not-too-distant future.

Although the folks at Universal Pictures revealed that they were working on Legend of Conan with the 80s action hero, it's been a while since any new information about the project has popped up. According to Deadline, the studio is still moving forward with the flick.

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger can reprise his role as Conan, he's going to need a solid script. The website reports that World Trade Center scribe Andrea Berloff was recently hired to pen the script for Legend of Conan. She's reportedly working on Straight Outta Compton and a King Arthur script as well.

"We're thrilled to be working with Chris [Morgan] and his creative team and to see Arnold Schwarzenegger return in the role that started his career," producer Fredrik Malmberg said in a recent statement.

"[Berloff is] an amazing writer who can juggle masculine grittiness with extreme emotional depth. Her take on Conan is powerful and genuine and would make Robert E. Howard proud," producer Chris Morgan added. It would seem the studio is incredibly excited about her involvement with the project.

According to Worst Previews, Morgan wants Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Conan as an older guy who is unexpectedly called back into action. Instead of a spry hero, the producer wants the character to tap into his youthful spirit before embarking on another adventure.

"I want the warrior whose joints have started to fuse together, who has to crack the cartilage so he can pick up a sword again. I want the guy who's not necessarily lost a step, but there's some rust he has to shake off. I want to embrace that. It makes it a greater hero story," Chris Morgan recently explained.

Conan isn't the only franchise Schwarzenegger will return to in the next few years. The actor is presently expected to star in Paramount Pictures' long-awaited sequel Terminator 5. The movie should arrive in theaters at some point during 2015.

Are you a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger? What do you think about the actor returning to the world of swords and sandals for Legend of Conan?

[Image via Universal Pictures]