Super Bowl XLV: Kickoff time, can you watch online?

AFC champions the Pittsburgh Steelers will meet the NFC champions Green Bay Packers tonight in the 45th annual Super Bowl, also known as Super Bowl XLV.

The championship game is scheduled to begin at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas at 5:29 pm Central Standard Time, which is 6:29 Eastern. Although Super Bowl XLV’s kick off time is slated for just before 5:30 CST, 6:30 EST, pre-game shows begin at 4pm Eastern, and 3pm local time, or CST. The Super Bowl will air on Fox.

You may be one of the growing ranks of people who have forgone traditional cable or satellite service in lieu of web streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. Netflix obviously won’t carry the Super Bowl (although you can watch vintage Super Bowls online via Netflix at your Super Bowl party), and Hulu has kindly stripped the Super Bowl of all its pesky football, leaving just the ads if you’re looking to watch the Super Bowl online.

So is there anywhere to watch the 2011 Super Bowl online? Unfortunately for most football fans without a dedicated cable provider, streams of Super Bowl XLV have actually been the subject of a crackdown this year. Several sites suspected of intending to allow visitors to watch Super Bowl XLV online directly or by proxy have been shut down by Homeland Security in advance of the big event.

The NFL is culling Super Bowl related tweets on their website, and Twitter in general will be a good way to keep track of the Super Bowl live online. Sports Illustrated will be liveblogging the Super Bowl as well. How do you plan to monitor the Super Bowl’s results online?