[RUMOR] Original Halo getting hi-definition remake this year

Sources close to Joystiq are claiming that a high-definition remake of Halo: Combat Evolved from the Xbox 1 is being worked on, and that the new old Halo will see a release on the Xbox 360 this holiday season. Currently, the launch date is pegged as November 15th, exactly ten years after the first ever Halo game released.

By the sounds of it, it’s not just a quick sharpen-the-edges job, either. 3D TV support, 1080p visuals, and brand new art assets are all set to appear in the game, with control configurations from more recent Halo games also included. Now original developer Bungie has flown Microsoft’s nest, Joystiq’s mole reports that Saber Interactive, a New Jersey-based studio who put together the so-so TimeShift, will take charge of the project.

Multiplayer details are yet to be confirmed, though the rumor mill says there will be online co-op.

Though I’ve marked this as a rumor, I think it’s safe to say this is happening. I mean, who can’t see Microsoft milking Halo‘s tenth birthday? More power to them, I say – the original game remains the pinnacle of the franchise for me.

If Joystiq’s sources are correct, that also means Microsoft previously LIED TO US, shattering my complete 100% trust in faceless, profit-driven, multi-national conglomerations. It’s a sad day.

[Via Joystiq]