[VIDEO] Sony shows off first NGP game footage

Since being unveiled last week, we’ve seen precious little of what the next PSP, or the NGP (Next Generation Portable) can actually do. We know it has PS3-level (or close) graphics, dual analog sticks, and some … rear … touchpad … thing. Yet so far we’ve had to survive on a diet of shaky off-screen camera game footage.

Until now. Sony just released the trailer below showing a dozen NGP games, including Killzone, WipEout, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, and Uncharted. One thing’s for sure: there are some beautiful visuals here, the best ever on a handheld. Another thing: that’s a terrible damn song.

Some more NGP facts, gleaned from the folks at VG247:

♦ All NGP games run at 60 frames per second
♦ Sony wants games that run on both PS3 and NGP
♦ The company says the portable will be out during the 2011 holiday season
♦ Industry analysts are estimating the device will go for between $299 and $349

Sharper, shinier visuals aside, I’m still not convinced this is different enough from the PSP to succeed, but then maybe that rear touchpad oddity will come through for Sony, or something. We all laughed long and hard at the Nintendo DS’s two screens, remember, and look how that ended up.

[Via press release]