Hotmail Debuts Free ‘Disposable’ Email Accounts

I personally don’t like to hand out my personal or business email addresses every single time I sign up for a new commenting system, forum or for special offers, at the same time it’s often required that I verify my messages before they go live, for example when posting Craigslist ads and not signed into a Craigslist account. For individuals who want to avoid giving out their Hotmail email address, which shows their real name, zipcode and other information, they now have the option of using Hotmail Aliases.

The disposable email system allows users to create various fake accounts and then have those accounts, if they choose, filter into their primary account. This means you can provide a fake name, but still receive your emails to your regular account.

Users can choose to filter into an existing folder, such as the Inbox or they can create a new folder just for those emails, as shown in the picture above.

Yahoo Plus customers have had this option for a while, but that’s a paid service and Gmail allows for those accounts, but it’s just an extension of your already existing handle.