#GetCovered On Social Media, Twitter Provides Obamacare Exchange Rates, Information

Kim LaCapria

Obamacare exchanges opened to the public today and as the #getcovered hashtag trends, The Inquisitr reported that official Obamacare rates have been buried under a sea of user demand as the plans hit the web.

While the Obamacare exchanges have proven immensely popular already -- with sites actually inaccessible due to user demand -- a new, social web of support enables American citizens to find out about their state's level of participation in ACTA.

Over on Twitter, the hashtag #getcovered is directing Americans toward Obamacare exchange resources, including tables that lay out the levels of coverage under ACTA available in each state, along with price points. (You can view Obamacare exchange rate levels for your stateover at the Health and Human Services website.)

While the Obamacare exchange state by state site crash is inconvenient for some new participants, many are also viewing it as evidence that the much-bashed plan has come out on top after more than 40 attempts by GOP lawmakers to kill it through any means necessary.

Twitter users have been debating and discussing the newly available Obamacare rate information despite the exchange site traffic outages, and many are reporting lower than previous rates for comprehensive healthcare in the newly created marketplace.

One Twitter user said:

http://t.co/Xeon18Ap7h is Crashing & Hotline Waits b/c So Many People Signing Up. This is What GOP Was Afraid Of. #GetCovered #Obamacare

— TheNewDeal (@TheNewDeal) October 1, 2013

Other advocates for accessible, affordable healthcare crowed:

You can't stop progress! Its open and ready for business #getcovered https://t.co/ur9IFgnlrY

— APIAHF Policy (@APIAHFpolicy) October 1, 2013

Planned Parenthood provided Obamacare info for women and in respect to reproductive health:

Got a million questions about the Affordable Care Act? We've got answers. http://t.co/mjIulwivzf. #ACA #GetCovered

— PP Action CA (@PPActionCA) October 1, 2013

PDFs were tweeted for those unable to access their state's Obamacare exchange site:

Check out APHA's new ACA resource guide for #publichealth practitioners. Help your community #getcovered. (PDF) http://t.co/F4i2V2ziTd

— The Nation's Health (@nationshealth) October 1, 2013

And the POTUS himself appeared on Twitter to advocate the new laws as they went into effect:

Obama: "These are the Americans you would hurt if you dismantle this law." #Obamacare pic.twitter.com/NlstjVqpjT

— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) October 1, 2013

Have you used the #GetCovered hashtag to explore your state's Obamacare exchange?