‘Original Night Stalker’ Still Haunts Police In California

The “Original night stalker” is one of the most feared serial killers in US history and haunts police in California, who is still seeking the elusive murderer.

The killer received his name as the “original” night stalker because his crimes started earlier than those of the notorious Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, who died of cancer while in prison in June of this year.

The serial rapist and murderer is suspected in at least 50 rapes and 10 homicides throughout California, which began in 1976 and took place for 10 years.

Police have a recording of the voice of the man they believe is their killer, after he left a message in a surviving victim’s answering machine.

“I could kill you,” says the chilling voice with heavy breaths. “I could kill you.”

Authorities believe the killer has been dormant since 1986, when the killing spree came to an end, after terrorizing women for a decade.

Larry Pool, a retired investigator for Orange Country, searched for the “Original Night Stalker” for 16 years and is still haunted by the cases he researched.

“It sticks with you,” he said. “It’s a case where you don’t want to breathe your last before we see the offender identified.”

And he is not the only one who shares the sentiment. Authorities continue to sift through the evidence they have in the case, the recording, handwriting samples, a footprint, and a large amounts of DNA evidence, which links one man to all the crimes.

Police don’t have a name or face to pursue, but they are not giving up in the search to find the killer and rapists of all those victims.

A detailed map of some of the neighborhoods the killer targeted were found at some crime scenes with one word written on it: Punishment.

Many believe the “Original Night Stalker” is still alive and accountable for all his crimes. The search continues.

[Image via EAR-ONS.com]