Yet another blow for the UFL

The news has not been good for the United Football league in some time. They suffered through contracting one of their teams, and now have lost a head coach to the NFL. Jay Gruden, the one time Head Coach of the Florida Tuskers and then Virginia Destroyers has left the dying upstart league to be the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. Of course he is not the first UFL head coach to jump ship, but he has done so while this league is at a cross roads.

The League decided to contract the Florida Tuskers because of the failure to draw in a large live audience. They were hoping the Tuskers would just become the Virginia Destroyers and the league would move on with a seamless transition. With Gruden gone that is now impossible. It also ramps up the clock on the UFL death watch.

It seems more than anything else the main failure of this league is its reliance on a single entity system, where the teams are all run from a central office. The problem with that is they have now kind of defrauded a number of people into giving them money for “ownership” of certain teams. The UFL controls everything not the local millionaires who have been milked of some of their fortunes. Remember it was not all that long ago Joe Theismann gave up a nice chink of change to “own” the Tuskers.

This league is back to four teams, when it really needs six. Once again it has to find a head coach for the Virginia team, which by the way will be its third head man before one player has been selected to play for them.

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