Jake Locker Injury Requires More Tests

Scott Croker

Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker will need more tests to determine the severity of his hip injury.

Initial x-rays on Locker's hip showed no breaks or tears, but the tests will not be 100 percent accurate until his swelling goes down.

Speaking with the media, Titans coach Mike Munchak clarified, "He still has swelling so they don't want to speculate on terming what that means or how long and rehab and how long this all will take. He'll be MRI'd again tomorrow, then we'll have a better idea exactly what the time frame before he can actually play or get back on the field."

Munchak did say that Titans would announce how much time they expect Locker to miss after his MRI Tuesday.

With Jake Locker out for an indefinite amount of time, backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will take over under center.

The good news for Titans fans; Ryan Fitzpatrick has been successful starter in the NFL before. Before signing with the Titans in the offseason, Fitzpatrick was a $59 million quarterback in Buffalo.

His tenure ended because of his tendency to throw too many interceptions, but if Munchak can get him to manage the game, Tennessee's defense should be able to push the team into the playoffs.

If the Titans manage to make the playoffs, and Locker's injury isn't too severe, the timing would be perfect for everyone involved.

The injury to Jake Locker is unfortunate. He was playing his best football before going down, and last Sunday was turning into the best game of his young career.

Hopefully, his injury isn't too serious, and he can get back to the field as quickly as possible.

[image via Wikimedia Commons]