Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot Loses Bet, Gets Shot With 40 Paintballs

As if things couldn’t get worse for the Jacksonville Jaguars, their team mascot recently lost a bet to the Indianapolis Colts mascot. The punishment? Simple; get shot by 40 paintballs from 10 feet away.

Oh yeah, the Jaguars mascot had to do it in spandex too.

Bottom line; it’s not a good season to be a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. The team is 0-4 with no hope to get better, and fans are demanding (kind of), that Tim Tebow be brought in to save the season.

If Tebow worked for the 2-6 Denver Broncos in 2011, why wouldn’t he work for the 2013 hopeless Jaguars?

So what bet did Jaxson de Ville lose? He bet that the Jacksonville Jaguars would beat the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday. He should have known better. A lot better. The Colts crushed the Jaguars 37-3.

Of course, most sports bets like this are not paid out, whether it’s Colin Kaepernick’s eyebrow bet with Russell Wilson (the video was filmed before the game people), or anything else.

The Jaguars mascot, unlike Kaepernick in real life, kept his side of the deal. The video is painful to watch, but it’s not like he didn’t see it coming. Anyone could have predicted the Colts were going to win.

No offense to Jacksonville Jaguars fans, but the team is just terrible. Maybe Jaxson de Ville was just trying to give the Jaguars a reason to win. You know, to save his hide.

Here’s the video:

Whatever the reason the Jaguars mascot took the bet, it was big of whoever is under the costume to see the bet through.

Of course, there’s always the chance the Jaguars made him do it. Because, you know, how could the season get any worse?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]