Oakland Raiders Move Game To Sunday Night To Accommodate Oakland A’s

The Oakland Raiders Sunday afternoon game against the San Diego Chargers has been moved to Sunday night to accommodate the Oakland A’s.

On Saturday, the Oakland A’s will play the Detroit Tigers in game two of the ALDS at 6:07 pm. The Oakland Raiders were scheduled to play the Chargers at 1:25 pm on Sunday. Because both teams share 0.co Coliseum in the East Bay, the Raiders had to change their kickoff time so give workers enough time to convert it from a baseball field into a football field.

The changeover includes moving large seating areas into place with enough time to pass a safety inspection. Less than 24 hours is a tight window to pull off the move, but a Raiders’ team official assured everyone, “We’ll make it happen.”

The Oakland Raiders knew that pushing their game back was a possibility with the A’s making the MLB Postseason. The A’s playoff game, however, was not confirmed until late Monday.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen prepared his team all week as if the game would be played at night, and team’s practices have started later than usual to help players acclimate.

The late start will cause a huge traffic issue for the entire San Francisco Bay Area. The 49ers play Sunday Night Football at home against the Houston Texans. There’s going to be a lot of fans driving to two very specific areas in the same region at around the same time.

Because of the time change, the game will also now be broadcast on NFL Network, instead of CBS.

Are you upset the Oakland Raiders have to delay their game start for the Oakland A’s?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]