'Grand Theft Auto Online' Server Issues Expected As Game Launches

Some Grand Theft Auto Online server issues will be expected when the game launches tomorrow. Why, you might ask? Because Rockstar has never done an online game of this magnitude before. It's literally bigger than World of Warcraft ever was.

Seriously, after Grand Theft Auto 5 launched, breaking all kinds of sales records for a new video game, that was a sign that Grand Theft Auto Online was going to need some hefty servers, and a lot more of them, just to handle all of the gamers who will be expected to log in at once. Now what happens when you push servers beyond their capabilities? They tend to crash.

Grand Theft Auto Online will likely experience an outage as Rockstar scrambles to fix the issues as they happen. They're already trying before it happens, so be patient.

In other words, don't expect to just jump in and start killing other gamers and stealing their rides right away. Grand Theft Auto Online could experience a server issue that may remind us of what happened with Sim City last time.

Don't panic if and when it happens, as Rockstar is likely going to be working like crazy to get it done before the rage of a million Grand Theft Auto 5 gamers comes raining down on them.

Rockstar's blog stated that they are anticipating the problem and "are working around the clock to buy and add more servers."

A fellow gaming news site went on the record saying:

"At a conservative estimate I would expect about two million players to log on to GTA Online within the first 24 hours. Rockstar has never done an online game of this scale before, so they are totally unproven in terms of their network infrastructure. … It wouldn't surprise me if there were problems."

Basically, when you log on to play Grand Theft Auto Online tomorrow and experience server issues, don't get angry. Rockstar Games wasn't expecting to sell so many copies at once, but will be working hard to fix the problem.