Twitter Awards? Seriously?

Awards are for the most part just a way to boost already inflated egos and generally a pointless to show just how important you are – especially when it comes to the new so-called social media awards. sure I can see the momentary glory as you brag about winning some award for best blog or coolest podcast but having an award show for Tweets – c’mon, give it a rest.

For those of you who didn’t know there is an annual awards gather called the Shorty Awards and it’s whole purpose is to hand out awards to Twitter users for their entire body of work and *gag* brilliant tweets over the past year *gag*.


Man talk about ridiculous. We are talking about nothing more than 140 characters of what amounts to either generalized dribble or mindless self-promotion. There is nothing happening on Twitter that even comes close to being immortalized by handing out a plexi-glass award at some sponsored event.

This kind of thing amounts to nothing more than self-aggrandizement by a bunch of people who are floating by on made up terms like social media consultant, social media guru, or social media thought leader.

But like with all pompous back-slapping you can be sure to find a flurry of posts in March sometime announcing who this year’s winners are.


image via The Next Web