Jack Del Rio Could Be New USC Coach [Rumor]

Jack Del Rio could end up as the new coach for the USC Trojans, according to several rumors. USC’s coach, Lane Kiffin, was fired over the weekend.

It isn’t clear if Del Rio would consider taking the position, since he’s currently the Denver Broncos assistant coach. However, the rumors suggest Del Rio’s among the top prospects for the position at USC.

Before his time with the Broncos, The Bleacher Report notes that Del Rio was the head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars and is also a USC alumnus.

Under his direction, the Broncos’ defense was transformed into an aggressive and complete unit. So far this season, the unit has a league-best 43.3 rushing yards per game.

While the rumors around Jack Del Rio continued, The Washington Post reports that the assistant coach will likely stick with the Broncos until the end of the NFL season.

There’s already been one reported sighting of Del Rio in Los Angeles, though it wasn’t immediately verified.

Either way, Del Rio can’t break his contract with the Broncos before it expires in February. Broncos Coach John Fox added of his co-worker, “I know Jack is committed to the Denver Broncos.”

Jack Del Rio isn’t the only person on the list for the new USC head coach. Other potential candidates include: Washington’s Steve Sarkisian, Philadelphia’s Chip Kelly, Texas A&M’s Kevin Smith, and Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury. Nick Saban has also been rumored as a potential candidate for the position. However, Saban already said he’s closed the door on the NFL.

While Del Rio may be a frontrunner for the new USC coach, it could take time for the school to announce Kiffin’s replacement.