Dashon Goldson Avoids Fine For Latest Hit

Tampa Bay Buccaneers controversial safety Dashon Goldson will avoid a suspension from the league for his latest hit.

Dashon Goldson’s on field violence has been a continuing theme this NFL season. He has already been fined multiple times by the NFL for illegal hit, his most recent costing him $100,000. Of course, that fine was originally a one game suspension. Goldson appealed the suspension, and it was reduced to the fine.

It will be interesting to see how much the NFL fines Goldson this time. During the Buccaneers game against the Cardinals, Goldson laid down wide receiver Jaron Brown. The Tampa Bay Times has confirmed that Goldson will not be suspended for his most recent offense.

Dashon Goldson not being suspended is surprising, considering that was punishment last time. Maybe the NFL is worried about the embarrassment of losing another appeal. Maybe the NFL knows that a fine bigger than $100,000 might actually make a dent in the star player’s salary.

Whatever the reason Dashon Goldson won’t be suspended is, isn’t really the point. Player safety is the point.

Goldson is a player who used to pride himself on clean hitting and proper technique. He never bought into his reputation as a dirty player. Until now, anyway.

Before signing with the Buccaneers Dashon Goldson spent his entire career in San Francisco. He played for the 49ers in the Super Bowl in February, but he was seen as too expensive and replaceable by San Francisco, a decision I’m sure they aren’t regretting.

How much do you think Dashon Goldson should be fined for his latest hit?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]