Pamela Anderson: 'Big Brother' Beds Too Icky, Stays In Hotel

Patrick Frye

For Pamela Anderson, Big Brother was confirmed for a comeback role which was discovered when she showed up in Berlin, Germany for the 2013 taping.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Pamela Anderson recently made headline for getting her ad banned in the UK and for selling her mansion in Malibu.

This is not the first time Pamela Anderson, Big Brother went hand in hand, as seen by her previous involvement in 2008 in Australia, and 2011 in the UK. Pamela Anderson has also been involved with Big Brother spin-offs, Bigg Boss in India and VIP Brother in Bulgaria. Pamela Anderson was also on Dancing with the Stars in 2012, and Dancing on Ice in 2013, and she is cast on Canadian TV show Package Deal, which premiered June of this year.

Pamela Anderson was snapped showing up at the Big Brother set Wednesday morning, looking fresh and ready to be filmed. Pamela Anderson wants to take part in Big Brother, but apparently she does not want to actually stay the night there. Instead, she opted to stay at a nearby luxury hotel, but I don't blame her considering whose slept in some of those Big Brother beds.

German comedian Simon Desue tried to turn the charm on Pamela, saying, "You are beautiful. I want to marry you!" Unfortunately, Pamela does not speak German.

What do you think of Pamela Anderson's Big Brother comeback?