The Wilpon’s are hardly victims of the Madoff scheme

The more I read about the Wilpon family (owners of he New York Mets) and Bernie Madoff (one time Wall Street Hustler) the more I think of an onion. The more we peel this back the more it stinks. Seriously the Wilpon’s have tried to position themselves as victims of this mess, but it looks like that may have been far more involved and I cannot wait for the government to seek money from them and to be frank for a real owner to own one of the better franchises in baseball history.

Not only was Bernie Madoof intimately involved with the business side of the New York Mets, but the Wilpon family relied on him and possibly even steered clients his way. I am no lawyer but I think there is a word for this, ahh yes co-conspirator. There are some reports out there that the Wilpon’s steered friends and Mets employees to Madoff. Either they are clueless about money or they were in on it.

Without a doubt the Wilpon family has had its financial health affected by their involvement with Madoof. However, they have tried to sell us on the fact that the Mets finances would be affected. If all of this is true, there is no way that the Mets finances have not been affected. Really what all of this means the Mets are a mess, and probably need new ownership to get the ship righted.

I already know how this will end for the Mets, and that is at some point they will be sold. However I do not now how all of this will play out for members of the Wilpon family who may have been far more involved in this scam than we realize.

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