Canadian company finds low-tech way to ship data to capped Canadians

There is a lot of talk going on in the tech blogosphere about how Canada, a country where once upon a time technology was a good thing, is now facing the fact that they are now going to have to worry about everything they download thanks to a stupid government and greedy ISPs.

However as our now yoked citizens comes to terms with data caps on their web surfing a company by the name of Canadian Download is going to try a very low-tech approach to help out those people affected by these onerous data caps.

And by low-tech I mean … low-tech .. as in downloading the files in the U.S., burning those files onto CD or DVD and then mailing them to Canadians web users.

Yes folks, in this incredible technological era we are reduced to having our files sent to us in the mail on a DVD.

How fricken stupid is that.

While I commend the company for seeing if this will work (this still has to make it past Canada Post or Canada Customs and good luck with that) but one has to wonder just how many copyright laws are being broken in the process.

Yup, Canada … the land of the strong and the free yet having to break laws to be able to be a part of the modern world.

via VentureBeat