Asus Lamborghini External Hard Drive Is Sexy, Overpriced

I don’t call many inanimate objects sexy, but the Asus Lamborghini is sexy. Featuring elegant curves with a shiny black exterior this is the hard drive you show off to your friends and they like it before they even hear the specs.

The drive features either 500GB or 700GB options with the option for 5400RPM USB 2.0 capabilities or the 7200RPM USB 3.0 option.

While the drive itself is pretty standard, users can expect to pay bloated Lamborghini prices with the USB 2.0 500GB option starting at $120 and the 700GB unit coming in at $140. Compare the USB 2.0 version to competitor pricing and it’s nearly twice as expensive.

No pricing has been announced for the units USB 3.0 option.

What do you think, are you ready to pay twice as much for a stylish looking external HDD?