Heidi Klum Halloween Party 2013: Scary Dollhouse Is This Year's Theme

David Cornell

Heidi Klum's Halloween party in 2013 will have a scary dollhouse theme.

The internationally known model is not only sporting some fantastic fashions lately, but this Halloween, she's once again going all-out as a whole different kind of doll.

Halloween costumes and parties usually incorporate the classic horror villains such as Dracula, zombies, and witches, while some women go for more sexy outfits like Catwoman, a just plain cat, or something a tad naughty. Heidi Klum takes her Halloween ideas and goes the extra mile, which makes it probably a good thing she doesn't go with the usual horror route as much. Anything too scary might result in party guests fainting.

Last year, Heidi Klum's Halloween outfit was Cleopatra, incorporating an extravagant headdress. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy forced the party to get postponed. Hopefully no natural disasters strike Heidi Klum's Halloween party in 2013, or anywhere else for that matter.

Heidi Klum certainly knows how to throw a party even at the age of 40, and still look good doing it. The scary dollhouse-themed Halloween party will be held at nightclub Marquee New York, marking the 14th annual event of these extravagant endeavors. Music at the Halloween party will be provided by DJ Questlove, with the decorations coming via Shutterfly, according to the newspaper The New York Post.

The ageless beauty has already begun preparations on her costume this year, as early as July, meaning that once again Heidi Klum is planning to wow everyone with it.

— Pop Journal (@PopJournal) September 29, 2013

Other previous outfits Heidi Klum has worn for Halloween parties included a robot with her face painted purple, a crow, and a gorilla. The party where she showed up as a gorilla, she appeared late because of problems applying the hair. The model is dedicated to making each year's party and outfit as amazing as she can.

Heidi Klum's Halloween party in 2013 promises to be a massive and ambitious ball, as the model has been known as the "queen of Halloween" and most likely won't stop now. We can't wait to see the new scary dollhouse theme.

[image via Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com]