‘Breaking Bad’ Jesse Pinkman Mocks Obamacare On SNL [Video]

With the help of a Breaking Bad character, Obamacare was spoofed on last night’s Saturday Night Live cold open.

In the opening sketch, a cast member playing President Obama called up ordinary citizens to give their personal stories in support of the Obamacare rollout. The Affordable Care Act’s health exchanges are supposed to go live on Tuesday although many are behind schedule and/or encountering software issues.

In true SNL style, the so-called testimonies (see embed above) were rather irreverent including one actor looked forward to getting sick all time and another who quipped the president “made sure my son will never have to lift a finger to get insurance.”

In a surprise appearance, one of the ordinary Americans turned out to be “Jesse from New Mexico” (Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul in character). In reference to his friend Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg, Jesse said:

“I have this friend, and he got sick, like cancer sick, but because there wasn’t Obamacare he couldn’t afford the treatments, so he was like backed into a corner… you know what I mean?… So he did what any of us should have done; he started cooking meth. And soon it wasn’t just meth; it was murder… and not regular murder. He blew half a guy’s face off.”

When an uncomfortable “Obama” tried to wrap things up, Pinkman asked “Wait — don’t you want to know what happened to my friend?” The president (and the other onlookers) said “no!” which as The Hollywood Reporter notes, is “a riff on people being worried about Breaking Bad spoilers.”

Aaron Paul also made a cameo at the end of a SNL spoof commercial about e-meth in which he says “you know its good because it’s blue, b***h!”

The highly anticipated Breaking Bad final episode, “Felina” (an anagram for finale), episode 62 of the five-season AMC series run, airs this Sunday night at 9 pm eastern.

Betsy Brandt (who portrays Marie Schrader on the show) in an interview insisted that the Breaking Bad finale night is “really good.”

Time will tell.